Hi, my name is
G. Stalin Babu

Hi, my name is G. Stalin Babu

I’m a New York-based, Cisco Certified Network and Security Expert (CCIE) with over 25 years of experience designing and implementing mega-sized networks of big-name companies like:

Growing up in rural India, we didn’t have to worry about the kinds of vulnerabilities made possible today by the evolution of technology.

As a highly experienced Cisco security expert, I’ve seen it all – even networks managed by experienced IT teams with reverse-operating firewalls that is exposed to attacks.

You’d be amazed at the other things I see daily.

Stalin Babu

Executed projects for leading enterprises**

A Little Bit More About My Work History

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25+ years of network and security experience

What do I mean by someone like me?

Every single day, the average consumer is bombarded with misinformation about cybersecurity risks and threats. I know because I see it. But when you work with someone with a track record like me, you can be sure that you’re getting the right information.