Cyber Threats: What is Malware?

Cyber Threats

Malware or otherwise Malicious software is a file or code that can typically when delivered cause damage to a system or resource. Malicious coders can write code that can cause harm or infect a system. This program can be used for almost anything, stealing sensitive information, spying on user behavior, or denying access. Types of […]

Cyber Attack: what is a DDoS Attack? What you need to know

Cyber Attack

A distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack is a deliberate attempt to disrupt access to your company’s resources. It may be a flood of unwanted data to a web server, or a carefully orchestrated campaign organized to cause financial damage or destruction from several actors. How does it work? The key difference between a denial […]

Cyber Security: What is a firewall?

Cyber Security

A Firewall is designed to protect your internal network from the untrusted, dangerous internet. It can be a device in line with your router, or a software running on your computer. Regardless of how it’s deployed, they all serve the same purpose and that is to inspect traffic in and out of a network. How […]

Cyber Attack: What is Ransomware and how to prevent it?

Cyber Attack

Ransomware is one of the biggest threats facing corporations and can cause catastrophic damage to their reputation, trust, and cost millions. Ransomware is a form of Malware that infects a system, encrypts data, or steals data, and demands a ransom to retrieve sensitive information. How does it work? Ransomware uses many of the same vectors […]

Why is log management and monitoring important for security?

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What is log management? To understand what is log management, one should first understand what a log message is. As defined in techopedia (, “An application log is a file of events that are logged by a software application. It contains errors, informational events, and warnings. The format and content of an application log are […]

What is network security in computer networks?

network security

In terms of a computer network, network security can be defined as the set of policies and practices adopted to prevent any kind of misuse, unauthorized access, modification or denial of the computer network and network-accessible resources. The primary goal of network security is to authenticate and authorize the access of each and every network […]

The Cloud Is Not Secure – The Myths and Non-Myths

The Cloud Is Not Secure

Cloud infrastructure is not secure The biggest myth plaguing the thought process of whether to move to cloud from a security perspective is that people tend to believe cloud infrastructure is not secure enough. Businesses are still wary of putting their data onto cloud migrating from their “safe” on-premise data centers as they believe it […]

Top 10 things you need to know about Information Security

How can we stop cybercrime?

1) CIA CIA here doesn’t refer to the Central Intelligence Agency of the United States. It refers to the essential principles of InfoSec: Confidentiality is the ability of the system to safeguard information from unauthorised view and access. Integrity is the ability to ensure that the information is a genuine and accurate representation. Availability is […]

How can we stop cybercrime?

How can we stop cybercrime?

With cybercrimes becoming so common, protecting your personal information is the first step to preventing a cybercrime. Information like your birth date, birth city, social security number, are the key data that a criminal need in order to open fraudulent accounts on your behalf or steal your identity. Using proven countermeasures can reduce your chance […]

Why cybersecurity is not optional but an investment in your business?


In the 21st Century, cyber-attacks are a part of life. They are so common, and it’s estimated that 60 million Americans have been victims of identity theft. The United States is the most targeted country in the world for cyber theft. Unfortunately, in this day and age, investing in cybersecurity is not optional. Combining cybersecurity […]