How can we stop cybercrime?
How can we stop cybercrime?

With cybercrimes becoming so common, protecting your personal information is the first step to preventing a cybercrime. Information like your birth date, birth city, social security number, are the key data that a criminal need in order to open fraudulent accounts on your behalf or steal your identity. Using proven countermeasures can reduce your chance of being a victim to a cybercrime and ultimately stop them before they happen.

Top ways to combat cybercrime

1. Education

Social engineering has become one of the most effective ways of breaching a network. Hackers know how to run a scam on users but being familiar with the tactics being used can arm a user to identify a potential scam before they fall victim.

2. Firewalls/Intrusion Detection Systems

Firewalls and intrusion detection devices can be used to protect an internal network from the internet. With different technologies available, there’s many configurations that can do more than the inspection of packets. Emails, websites, and intrusions can be stopped before reaching a user.

3. Protect Endpoints with anti-virus

Applying a trusted anti-virus system to endpoints can keep you updated on current attack signatures and find anomalies on a computer or client before it moves to other parts of a network.

4. Keep systems patched and updated

Vendors deploy security patches for vulnerabilities as quickly as possible to prevent exploits from occurring. It’s critical to ensure that your systems get updated regularly to stay ahead of future attack vectors.

5. Use strong passwords

Having a policy for password management and applying strong complexity and frequent password changes can help prevent a cybercrime from occurring. People tend to use the same passwords for all their accounts, and this can create a serious security concern, as it only takes one compromise to affect several accounts. Two-factor authentication can provide substantially stronger security and should be used whenever available.

What the future holds

As attacks become more sophisticated with time, and technology changes, it is impossible to completely stop these crimes from happening. Educating users, developing policies, and deploying technology controls are the only proven methods to protect our information. Companies and lawmakers are taking cybersecurity concerns much more seriously in this day and age, and as long as we do our part, we’ll be able to stop these cybercrimes from occurring.


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