Five Cyber Security Challenges for Business
Five Cyber Security Challenges for Business

Perhaps there is nothing more challenging for businesses today than exercising effective Cyberspace security. With the accelerating evolvement in technology, there is also an evolvement in the skillfulness involved in security attacks. Various reports and trends indicate that nearly twenty percent of the companies do not have an intelligent recovery system to counter the attacks. And the remaining use a strategy which cannot be claimed completely reliable. As a result, data is lost, important and sensitive information leaks, services stop and companies struggle to revive.

The need of the hour is that organizations are prepared with a SOC in place to handle situations where security has been compromised. SOC or Security Operations Center is a place which houses the team responsible for regular monitoring and analyzing the security aspects of an organization. It is responsible for timely detecting, analyzing and responding to any threats to the enterprise information systems. Some of the biggest security challenges faced by companies where having a SOC setup can help are

Detecting a compromise

Detecting a potential malicious activity on a system or network can be as tricky as responding to the activity. Identifying a potential problem in advance can help avoid or minimize the damage. Effective threat detection requires continuous monitoring and expert security staff. Obsolete detection processes, over-reliance on technology, lack of budget are some of the most common reasons leading to limited threat detection capabilities.

Analyzing the severity of the compromise

The severity analysis determines the extent to which the malicious program has spread, the damage it could cause and the rate at which it is spreading. The overall severity is also affected by many other risk factors. This needs in-depth knowledge of the vulnerability status of the organization and the scope of the threat.

Understanding the impact of the compromise

A successful attack can result in loss of data, leakage of important and sensitive information and slowing down or completely stopping of the services of a company in some cases. This all happens often without any knowledge to the victim. The economic impact of the compromise can be difficult to measure and varies widely. Threat assessment is required and important to prioritize remediation process.

Internal and External communication in case of compromise

This is the area where most people and organizations stumble. When responding to any cyber-attack, you need a crisis communication plan to inform about it to people internal and external to the organization. Due to the lack of knowledge and training, most of the people are unaware of how, when and what should be communicated in case of a compromise.

Dealing with the compromise

Security compromises not only affect productivity but also corrupt data causing integrity issues. The rate and complexity involved require immediate and creative actions from a broad range of perspectives and expertise. To be prepared and ready always needs constant efforts. Organizations need to think the unthinkable and stay ahead of the sophisticated cyber criminals which need a mix of systems, software, skilled security professionals and the latest in equipment for cybersecurity.

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