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Why is log management and monitoring important for security?

What is log management?

To understand what is log management, one should first understand what a log message is. As defined in techopedia (, “An application log is a file of events that are logged by a software application. It contains errors, informational events, and warnings. The format and content of an application log are determined by the developer of the software program, rather than the OS.”

In an enterprise application landscape, there are thousands of applications running in thousands of machines both physical and virtual. The applications themselves, along with the system software, the operating system, the hypervisor, the firewall, network devices, the storage arrays, and all other components produce logs.

In one way, all these logs are a waste of time and storage as long as there is no error and the logs are not required for debugging. This was the perception of logs until recent times. However, with the whole notion of ‘Waste is not waste until wasted’ and ‘Information is wealth’, organizations tend to understand the information that can be mined from the logs and hence managing all the logs that can be mined usefully is of importance.

There are both open source and proprietary software that help to collect, manage and organize logs across thousands of systems. More and more this software is being used by organizations to manage logs. In addition to log management, real-time or near-time log monitoring is important to identify threats at the earliest possible time to counter them.

Intrusion detection systems and intrusion detection systems are security systems that rely on log monitoring as the base. Hence, all in all, log management is an essential part of enterprise infrastructure and a crucial part in enterprise security.

Importance of Log Management and Monitoring in Security

When it comes to log management and monitoring for the security of the organization, security event logging is of paramount importance. Security event logging is done by organizations by monitoring audit logs to detect any security-related activities that have been attempted or performed on a system or application in order to compromise it. A well-architected security event monitoring system helps organizations understand the threats that an organization faces in real-time, counter it and also help in post investigation & remediation.

Often, it is important that the log management is done by experts, especially when it comes to security log management. Having an expert team take care of security log management, not just helps investigate security issues or mitigate them, but prevent them even before they happen. When architected in the right way with the right choice of software by an expert team, the log management and monitoring with an emphasis of security configured and maintained by a team of experts will be a great asset to any organization.

What can a security log management system do?

Security log management systems help the organizations weed through millions of lines of log messages in near-time to quickly and cost-effectively filter out the most important log messages that an organization should look into further and retain.

An effective security log management helps organizations protect confidential information and thorough careful trend analysis, identify meaningful improvement to the security wall of the organization. Often it is the case of negligence that leads to large network breaches in the future.

Third Party Services for log management

A third party log management services help organizations harvest the best out of their logs. The third party services like 247secops enable the client to tame the information overload and allow the clients to focus on their essential work. Some of the critical events are filtered out by effective log data collection and analysis process along with tools for individual accesses to sensitive data, various actions taken by privileged accounts that may pose a threat, the various authentication and authorization events, log messages related creation, read, update and deletion of essential system resources, invalid action attempts etc.,

With a team of experienced professionals managing the log analysis, the aforementioned events will be carefully analyzed with critical and careful tools and eyes in order to take proactive measures helping organizations protect their business and large sums of money.

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